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Building Designers Association

The Building Designers Association of South Australia began in 1961 when a group of people operating in the Building Design and Documentation profession wished to be set apart from the less proficient operators by means of unity and a Constitution demanding exacting standards of building design and documentation.
Those who possessed such foresight and ideals for the BDASA were (in alphabetical order):
Peter Anderson, Noel Campbell, John Dyer, Rex Hogan & Rudi Reetz.

Today there are building designer associations operating in seven Australian states and Territories, namely, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

BDASA is a member of the National Association of Building Designers (NABD) which incorporates Building Designers Associations of South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The BDASA represents designers who pursue design excellence in all building classifications - being responsive to their clients, the environment, ecological sustainability and partnering the various government authorities whose role it is to balance community needs.

We are committed to improving the Building Design Industry and providing additional value to the process so the consumer benefits from a higher level of service from professional designers.

The Association and its members enjoys a high level of respect from the general public, suppliers, manufacturers, government departments and key Industry bodies.

NABD Members include some of Australia’s leading non-architect building design specialists. Members have been invited to become involved at the highest levels in the production of documents, reports and policies for government and non-government bodies in the areas of heritage, industry codes of practice and ecologically sustainable design guides.

A Member of the Building Designers Association of South Australia is someone who has achieved a high degree of proficiency through a combination of talent and industry training over many years. Membership is contingent upon having a degree of experience, qualifications and continuing professional development.

Principle Aims

The principal aims of the BDASA include:

• Promote and advance excellence in Building Designers.

• To raise the status and advance the interest of Building Designers.

• To increase the confidence of the community in Building Designers.

• To promote honourable practice, to repress malpractice, and to decide all questions of professional usage and ethics affecting members of the association.

• To promote and safeguard the interest of the profession of Building Designers.

• To affiliate with other associations and institutions having objects in whole or in part similar to the objects of the Association.

• To form a social outlet for Members and their families.

• To do any other such things as the Association may think conducive to the attainment of the above aims and purposes.

BDASA Code of Ethics

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